Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club is a collection of 6000 NFT randomly generated avatars on Ethereum Blockchain

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Welcome to
Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club

Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club is the first ever Motorcycle Club on Ethereum Blockchain. Just like real world counterparts, we rock the true MC structure and take care of our own. That makes us a tight knit community even before we drop our High-Effort collection of 6000 absolutely gorgeous NFT avatars. Owning an Outlaw Gal will not only make your wallet prettier, but we will also make sure you will never want to part with her, as she's your entry to an amazing journey with the Club.

The Collection

Our Outlaw Gals were created with love, every feature and accessory hand-drawn from the inspiration of Katherine Swampmaid. Our artwork aims to be the absolute pinnacle of high-effort yet randomly generated avatars. Each OG is unique in appearance, remarkably expressive and absolutely adorable in her own way. Our goal is to create a culturally diversified community and we have tried to reflect this in our art. By owning an Outlaw Gal, you own full commercial rights to your NFT.


10 OG's Drops

We will airdrop 10 Random Outlaw Gals to 10 lucky wallet owners after minting is complete. We will also reward our most active and helpful community members based on our discord ranking system and personal contribution to the Club.

Project Management Team

We will select our Club Management Team from community candidates who will support the founders in leading the direction of the club. Community team members will assist in the development of the Club decision-making process including voting on our charitable donations and use of the community wallet.

Community Wallet

When our collection is sold out, we will create and start the community wallet with 10 ETH. 40% of funds we receive from secondary market royalties will be deposited into the community wallet. This wallet will be used for further donations, investments and promotions as voted on by the community.

OGMC Merch

OGMC Merch hits the shelves. Limited Edition member-only merch will become available to OGMC members. We have something special reserved for our early supporters holding keys.

Motorcycle Drop

Once we have kicked off a successful journey, each OG will receive a free (plus gas) motorcycle NFT. Motorcycles will be a collection of unique NFTs that will compliment your Gal perfectly. Hold on though we aren't even close to being done yet!

Journey ahead

Following the Bike Drop we will present the Club with our Roadmap 2.0. While this is yet to be finalized we can't resist sharing some of our ideas for the future.

ogmc roadmap 2.0

Metaverse Club House

Many projects make vague promises about future Metaverse utility and play to earn games. We already have the devs to make it happen through our partnership with Tall Troll Games. At OGMC we plan to build an absolutely banging metaverse Club House for all of us to hang out at.

Turf Wars

We are planning to develop a super engaging activity for our members. Gangs will be created with limited amount of spots and inside hierarchical structure. Gangs will compete against each other in various activities for the main prize. We expect Turf Wars to be coming in Q4 2021.

Outlaw Guys

As our community grows, we plan to expand our ranks with an exclusive companion NFT - Outlaw Guys. We can't wait to share some of Katherine's ideas for the newest members of our club! Each OG will be free to mint (plus gas) for every Outlaw Gal holder.

OGMC Merch

We plan to turn OGMC into more than an NFT community and into a brand. We will host official OGMC gatherings, and even ride together outside of the metaverse. To start our branding off we are preparing top notch merch for you to show your love and allegiance to OGMC. Even some minted Gals will wear the merch.


join us and win


Every Outlaw Gal holder will be entered to win Harley Davidson Sportster S. The draw will take place when 100% OGMC collection is sold out. The winner may have to pick the prize up in person at the closest to them HD dealership unless arranged otherwise.

Join the club and share this tweet to be a part of our great OGMC community and chance to win real Harley!


The Founders

We believe that full transparency is the future of successful NFT projects. We are a team of real people using our real identities who have already built our reputations in the NFT art and tech spaces. We feel it is important to doxx ourselves so our community can have full confidence we are putting our all into OGMC and brand development. We are building for the long term with organic growth. Our community is the most important thing to us so we make ourselves available to chat , have a laugh and answer any questions you may have. We have put our heart and souls into the Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club and are thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Serge Nanovsky

Creative Director

Serge is a full time entrepreneur with a background in law, marketing, business and photography. Being also a crypto enthusiast and an artist, started exploring NFT space early on and acquired plenty of knowledge about the medium.

Katherine Swampmaid

Lead Artist

Katherine is an autodidact artist and creator that has mastered multiple types of visual art over the years. Thinks of all the forms of art as an inalienable part of her life and only way to express herself to the fullest.

Dennis Kostroman

Design Guru

Dennis is a professional graphic, product and game designer from Tallinn, Estonia. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of advertisement, product and promotional design, brand identity and web. Co-founder and art director in the video game company Tall Troll Games.

Eugene Orehhov

Tall Troll

Eugene is human being dedicated to game development with a background in finance, banking and insurance. Crypto adventurer who was on vacation until he was introduced to NFT a few months ago. He became part of OGMC family only because of his height.